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Tapestry – Partnerships in Community Living

23651041530_ab45fcf36b_zTapestry (supports within the Day Supports service element) provides supports for people to be a valued member of their communities where they are appreciated for their contributions, skills, talents, etc. Tapestry Services provide opportunities that encourage personal growth and creativity.

Services include the following:

  • Identifying a person’s interests through Person-Centered Planning and
    the ISP process
  • Assisting a person to find opportunities to enhance these interests by building relationships with others with similar interests.
  • Assisting a person to research, schedule, and participate in these opportunities.
  • Managing documentation and State billing requirements.28275653494_4bc02ca97f_z

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the differences between Tapestry and the supports someone receives at 


A: The services that Tapestry provides are specific to helping someone build relationships

     that will enhance their role in being a valued member of their community.

Q: How do you know what someone wants to do?

A: Through discussion and the annual ISP process, a person will share the things that interest

     them. A Tapestry team member will then research opportunities to share those interests,

     for example, classes and clubs at a community college, Google hangouts, civic groups,

     volunteer opportunities, etc.

Q: How does someone receive Tapestry services?

27572476536_6f3b4a15eb_zA: During the ISP, the services is authorized by the County Services Coordinator or the Person


Expand the horizons and enhance the quality of life of those we support.

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