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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is DBT?
A: DBT stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. DBT incorporates elements of eastern philosophy, such as mindfulness, with standard Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practices. In Roots we utilize a modified DBT model to address the needs of people who experience Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD/DD) and a mental health diagnosis.
Q: What does “Transition” look like?
A: There are three phases that occur within the Roots Project. The first phase – crisis or psychiatric stabilization; this is when a person who is in crisis comes into our services and is in need of environmental supports (no sharp items, hardened walls, locks, alarms, etc.) for health and safety. The second phase – treatment; true crisis has diminished to the point where a person is able to begin the therapeutic elements of our service which are individual and group therapy, treatment team support, and ongoing daily DBT skill development from their Clinical Support Professionals (CSP). The third phase – transition; during this time, a person learns how to integrate the skills they have been learning in treatment, while environmental supports are reduced to allow for learning opportunities. During transition, many people are able to return to school, look for a job, rebuild relationships, and begin to build a vision for their future.
Q: What does it mean to graduate from the Roots Project?
A: When a person moves through the three phases of treatment and has met the goals that they have developed with their support team, they are ready for graduation.
Q: What is the role of a family member?
A: As a family member of a person in Roots Project, you play an important role in their journey. You and your family member/friend may choose for you to be involved in monthly treatment team meetings, receive updated information regarding their progress, consult with the professionals providing treatment, and take time to strengthen your relationship. Your support and experience is valued; it is our goal to assist in strengthening and building important relationships for the people who are receiving our services.

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