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Horizons Residential Services – Partnerships in Community Living

5137324917_9a463bb156_o“My favorite is the personal investment in my son. I think we have been lucky to have people in his life that really do care”.

-PCL Family member



Horizon services provide comprehensive 24-hour support to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities in their home. These supports help people manage personal health, advocate for themselves, and achieve goals that foster independence and build relationships.


PCL’s Horizon Services:

  • 7944198078_96e2ce14f8_zDirect Support Professionals receive comprehensive training before working for someone as well as on-going customized training related to their specific support needs
  • Each team is led by a PCL Service Coordinator and an Area Director to ensure that the services being provided are in alignment with PCL’s mission and values and the Oregon Administrative Rules for providing services.
  • Services are directed by the Individual Support Plan (ISP) process and team.
  • Financial/Rep Payee/Benefit Resource Services



Frequently asked questions9142541133_11b5ab524e_z

Q: What is an ISP?

A: An ISP is the Individual Support Plan; a yearly plan developed to outline support services and create goals the person would like to accomplish with the support of the ISP team.  The ISP Team is comprised of the County Services Coordinator or Personal Agent, people the person chooses, and people that provide supports.

Q: Can someone choose their own meals? What about special diets?

A: Yes!  Meals are the choice of the person with consideration of dietary needs.

Q: How is medication handled?

A: It depends on the support needs of the person.  We encourage independence to the degree possible for someone to take their medications.  Based on the level of supports needed, medication may be given by a PCL team member.

Q: Can my family member come home for visits?

A: Yes!  Your family member visit home as frequently as they choose.

Q: Can I visit my friend/family member at their home?

A: Yes!  You may visit at any time.

Q: Can someone decorate their home/room?

A: Yes!  It is their home.  Someone is welcome to decorate their home however they choose.  If they have a housemate, we will support them to talk together to decide on how to decorate.

Expand the horizons and enhance the quality of life of those we support.

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PCL COVID-19 Support & Information

The safety, health and well-being of the people we support, our staff and community is our highest priority. Please visit PCL's IN THE KNOW and DONATE pages for up to date coronavirus information and support needs.

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