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A primary purpose of the DSP is to assist people who need support to lead self-directed lives and to participate fully in our communities and nation. This emphasis on empowerment and participation is critical because the prejudices of society form powerful barriers that prevent many people with mental or physical disabilities from enjoying a high quality of life. It is the mandate of the DSP to follow the individual path suggested by the unique gifts, preferences, and needs of each person they support, and to walk in partnership with the person, and those who love him or her, toward a life of opportunity, well-being, freedom, and contribution.

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(Wages start at $16/hr, $17/hr after 6 mos, $18/hr after 1 yr in position)

A primary purpose of the DSP-AR is to assist people who need support to lead self-directed lives and to participate fully in our communities and nation.  The DSP-AR is generally utilized when there are long-term openings or there is a need for additional staff.  It is the role of the DSP-AR to provide a feeling of reassurance, stability, and support to the team members and people supported.  They are role models, mentors, and ambassadors to the team members they work with and people they support. Work schedule varies in days/times/location, you will receive your schedule at least 2 weeks in advance from your supervisor. You will also need to provide on-call support for one week every five weeks.


($1.00 differential)

This position will require advanced knowledge of mental health and positive behavioral support, advanced training expectations and when appropriate and necessary, sharing of overall department/team goals. This position must encourage the best practice of supporting people using evidence-based therapeutic models and environmental change to achieve consistent, stable and productive lives.


($1.00 differential)

An Individualized Support Professional will support people with intellectual disabilities to live their lives as they choose and participate within their community. You may assist people with food preparation, personal health and hygiene needs, personal and household shopping, personal funds management and all required documentation. Successful candidates will be ethical, patient, reliable, communicative, compassionate, able to work independently, and adaptable.


Listed below are other positions that PCL has available in the agency. Please click on the button to view more information about the position.

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must be able to pass a basic computer skills assessment
  • Must pass required DHS background check. Click here for link to current Potential Disqualifying Crimes and Conditions. Fingerprints may be required.
  • Must pass Pre-employment drug screening.
  • Must be able to regularly lift and transfer 25 pounds or one-fourth of your body weight (whichever is less). Some positions do require a higher lifting requirement.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license with a minimum of three (3) years of driving experience and be insurable through our organization’s insurance company. Click here for driver eligibility guide.
  • Complete and maintain all certifications as required by the position, PCL and other governing agencies
  • We provide an initial New Hire Orientation consisting of two (2) weeks of classroom and on-site training. Typically the training is Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm. Some evening or weekend training may be required.
  • Training for Northern Oregon Division is held in Monmouth. Training for Southern Oregon Division is held in Grants Pass. Click here for sample Orientation Calendar for Northern Oregon Division.
  • Promote and implement PCL’s mission in the lives of those we support
  • Provide a stable living environment by promoting and attending to the individual’s right to respect and dignity, individual choice and input, and health and safety needs at all times.
  • Dependable, reliable and regular work attendance
  • Take pride in meeting deadlines and the quality of work they produce
  • Complete all duties related to being a Mandatory Abuse Reporter
  • Responding to emergency and/or crisis situations (may require physical intervention)
  • Able to schedule and coordinate multiple projects
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Well organized and attentive to detail
  • Cooperative and willing to learn
  • Able to operate all related computer applications and business machines
  • Ability to interpret various instructions
  • Ability to perform basic math skills
  • Ability to read a variety of books, magazines, instruction manuals and other related writings
  • Ability to prepare written reports using proper punctuation, spelling and grammar

We are excited that you have shown interest in working for our organization. We feel that we offer a fun and challenging work environment. Before you fill out an application, there are a few things we would like you to know about PCL.

For Northern Branch ~ Contact Desiree @ 503-838-2403 ext. 327
For Lane County ~ Contact Dayna @ 503-838-2403 ext. 601
For Southern Branch ~ Contact Melissa @ 541-955-5186

  • PCL pays its Team Members one time a month, typically on the first business day of the month.
  • New Hire Training is paid at Orientation wages, which is minimum wage. After successfully completing New Hire Orientation and Core Competencies wages start from $12.00/hour-$13.00/hour, depending on location and service department.

Shift Descriptions

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Position Openings

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Team Members of the Year

Every month at least three PCL team members are recognized as Staff of the Month. These employees are the ones who go out of their way each and every day to help the people we support lead great lives. At the end of the year, 3 people who received Staff of the Month during that year are selected as the Team Members of the Year. These 3 recipients are awarded a plaque, a gift card, a customized jacket and a $500 getaway package.

Liz Wallace

Liz is an amazing DSP.  One of the people Liz supports is a man that doesn’t get out in the community often. Liz has been working with this man for 3 years now and is one of only a couple people he feels comfortable leaving the house with and going on adventures. During the times he has a hard time leaving the house Liz interacts well with him and helps him have the best life possible within his personal restrictions.

Randy Cunningham

Last year, Randy was called upon to help and mentor two people we support that found out they were expecting a baby. Randy believed to his core that with the right supports these two could be great parents. Randy responded to emergencies on the weekends because they both trusted him enough to call him in tense situations. Randy checks in on the baby twice a day and coordinates with other safety support people to ensure that the safety plan is being met.

Jessica Hoffman

Jessica works diligently to ensure that payroll is done correctly. She responds to team members questions in a kind and timely manner. Jessica responds to unemployment claims to ensure quick responses and follow through. Her management of the claims has resulted in a considerable saving to PCL. Jessica also helps with staffing and continues to nurture the many meaningful relationships she has with the people we support. 

PCL Playbook All-Stars

This year we added something new, the Team Member Playbook All-Stars. People who got these awards were chosen from the Team Members of the Month and best exemplify each one of our Playbook values. To pick these winners, a company-wide poll was taken and these people were voted on by their peers. The recipients of these awards are given a plaque, a gift card and a personalized jacket.

Tim Jaynes

Levity: A belief that we are at our best when we work hard and have fun together.

Tim is fun and always ready for a new challenge. He’s amazing at coming up with ways to make sure he is providing individualized supports to everyone he works with. Tim is an excellent mentor to his peers. Thank you Tim…you are amazing!

Jackie Nicholson

Integrity – Performing the task at hand and interacting with others while using PCL’s Ethical Guidelines to guide your actions – even when no one is watching.

Jackie has become an integral support in enhancing the lives of the people supported by the IS Team. She understand each person’s unique needs and personalities. She puts people at ease and respects the culture of the families she works with. This leads to success for all involved. Great work Jackie!

Scott Harris

Abundance Mentality – Believes that there are enough resources and opportunities for everyone to have enough.

Scott is the type of person that everyone can count on. He is a proactive listener and does a great job of anticipating people’s needs. Scott creates new ways to increase communication and efficiency for all PCL teams and enjoys creating ways to make other people’s jobs easier. Great work Scott!

McKenzie Bakke

Tenacity: A devotion to purpose

McKenzie takes her job very seriously and gives her all to each situation. If someone is struggling, she helps them design a plan to address their situation and then supports them to work through it. McKenzie has an understanding of how to be an advocate and let people lead the way. You are amazing McKenzie, thank you!

Jake Akin

Integrity – Performing the task at hand and interacting with others while using PCL’s Ethical Guidelines to guide your actions – even when no one is watching.

Jake is a member of the NADSP, a new-hire mentor, and adapts his teaching to varying learning styles. Jake has helped people to get to know their neighbors and other community members and he is an all around excellent DSP. Thank you Jake!

Alexis Garcia

Humility – Promotes the idea of group success over personal advancement

Alexis has made a lasting relationship with the people she supports. She successfully works with anyone, anywhere. She helped the young man she supports to access resources and classes that help him be a great father. Thank you, Alexis!

PCL Leadership Playbook All-Stars

Leadership Team Members are nominated for each of the five attributes of PCL’s Playbook values. These, of course, consist of Levity, Humility, Integrity, Abundance Mentality, and Tenacity. Any PCL team member is able to nominate a member of the Leadership Team for this recognition and the final selection of winners is determined by the Executive Management Team. We would like to recognize the PCL leaders who have been acknowledged by their fellow colleagues for exemplifying these attributes. The recipients of these awards are given a plaque, a gift card and a personalized jacket.

Chris Miller

Levity: A belief that we are at our best when we work hard and have fun together.

Chris will schedule time to attend team meetings to do hands on training because he knows that teams learn more that way. When we have a new DSP join a team, Chris makes it a point to meet them while they are in OIS or come work a shift with them for more in-depth training and to help people feel welcomed and more comfortable. During some of the toughest moments or with the most difficult people, Chris approaches each situation with a smile and five out of the box ideas of things we can try or do differently. Chris is a true shining example of Levity!

Lindy Ripley

Humility – Promotes the idea of group success over personal advancement.

Lindy is fueled by passion, excellence, and partnership. She is the first to jump in and help when teams need stability and care or direction and support. She exemplifies humility daily in that she considers her success as an aspect of the greatness of others. When others succeed, we all succeed. Lindy is a cornerstone and essential to so many wonderful outcomes for the teams she supports.

Matthew Tice

Abundance Mentality – Believes that there are enough resources and opportunities for everyone to have enough.

Matt has been tireless in the development of Glory Drive. Whether he is supporting the staff by working directly alongside of them or taking the time to truly understand the complex needs of the children living there, he always has a smile on his face and a can do attitude. Matt approaches his role with an enthusiasm that is contagious. As the leader of the Glory Team, Matt sets the standard with each new DSP that comes to work with the boys. He speaks from his heart about the real purpose of PCL’s mission and the work we do.  Matt sees every challenge as an opportunity. He is a true PCL rockstar and embodies PCL’s playbook value of Abundance Mentality!

Aaron Allen

Tenacity: Devotion to purpose.

Aaron has demonstrated PCL’s playbook value of tenacity.  Most recently, Aaron has shown this with his support of a lady PCL serves and her new child. Even after long hours elsewhere, he is always available to answer questions and to ensure their health, safety, and comfort.  This new mom and baby are off to a good start in life due to Aaron’s attention and help. Thank you Aaron for your commitment in exemplify PCL’s Playbook value of Tenacity!

Jamie Fulton

Tenacity: Devotion to purpose.

Jamie is so inventive and creative – especially with ways to address staffing shortages. Helping people to host parties for other people or sleepovers was her concept and it worked very well for us during this staffing crisis and continues to work to this day. Jamie was also a key member in the refining of the onboarding packet for new hires. This updated packet is easier to understand, use, and is one of our efforts used to increase retention of team members. Thank you Jamie for your tenacity!

Natazha Howard

Integrity – Performing the task at hand and interacting with others while using PCL’s Ethical Guidelines to guide your actions – even when no one is watching.

Natazha is a shining example of integrity. She approaches all situations openly and with a win-win philosophy. Natazha listens to all perspectives and seeks a solution that is ethical and is best for all involved. This commitment to high standards and doing the right thing is no different whether the situation involves a team mate, a person served by PCL, a family member, or any person. Natazha is a rock star and truly embodies PCL’s playbook value of Integrity!

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