2022 Team Member Appreciation Celebration

Listed below are the names of the amazing people who were named Staff of the Month for PCL during the year 2021 & nominated for Playbook All-Stars of the Year for 2022.


Karen Barker

January 2021

Karen is an amazing DSP who makes the magic happen for the people she supports and her team. Karen’s humility and levity creates a relationship of mutual trust and respect. She is quick to celebrate positives, small and large, and makes time and space to process the hardships and frustrations. Her creative approach to difficult conversations, gentle yet encouraging demeanor, and knowledge and understanding of Therap are a few of her incredible skills. Karen exemplifies being a great place to work because she takes those skills and teaches and empowers her team to do the same. Thank you, Karen!

Carolyn Kendrick

January 2021

Carolyn is a really great DSP who always puts the needs of the people she supports above anything else. She loves taking people out of the house on adventures and exploring new things to do and places to see. Carolyn is a joy to be around, she’s always having fun and making sure the people around her are having a great time as well. Her smile and positive attitude are contagious and lights up the entire room. Thank you, Carolyn!

Brandon Eshleman

January 2021

Brandon always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. If Brandon is asked to do something he is right there ready to jump in. Brandon has been a part of the four person Fit Test Squad for N95 fitting and testing, when asked to jump in and help cover even when he is not on-call for this, he is right there. He will question something if he feels the need and is the first to accept the answer or further reaches out to those who may have a better understanding. Due to his constant investigating and follow up, he has improved the workers comp numbers and PCL also receives regular monthly payments for getting injured workers back to work in some fashion. Thank you, Brandon!

Thomas Dooley

January 2021

Thomas has been a great addition to his team in Southern Oregon. When fires broke out in Oregon and some of the homes of the people we support had to be evacuated, he went with some of the children to Eugene and made sure they had a great time while there, despite the circumstances. He consistently provides great supports to the kids by making sure they’re eating healthy meals, trying new foods, and getting in lots of fun physical activities such as hiking. He always goes above and beyond in everything he does. Thank you, Thomas!

Lauren Butterfield

February 2021

Lauren Butterfield is amazing: she is the quiet type that makes things happen.  

Lauren has been working with Tim, who lives on Milton.  Lauren looks for things to do with Tim. They check out what’s available virtually. Lauren goes out of her way to help Tim stay connected with his sister Patty, casemanager Monika, and  other friends he wants to reach out to and have virtual conversations with.  Tim loves the conversations.  She also helps Tim be involved in weekly Virtual Bingo for prizes,and virtual craft day. Lauren is very creative in things she finds to do with Tim.  Whether it be painting, craft projects, being funny with Tim, organizing his home,cooking, playing ball and encouraging Tim to just enjoy life,that’s Lauren.  I consider Lauren a go to  person. Her team knows that she will follow up on things that are left undone. Has the right personality to hang with Tim. Great communicator to everyone involved, and a fun person to be around.  Lauren is always willing to go the extra mile.  Tim needs extra support when attending things in his community, Lauren comes in to provide just that.  Lauren helps Tim to get out of his home to have some different scenery for a different outlook on life for the day. Tim has grown so much over the years with the consistency of his staff, Lauren Butterfield is part of that reason.  Lauren is an Amazing DSP.  Tim enjoys Laurens friendship.

Lizette Gonzalez

February 2021

Lizette showed great tenacity and integrity when Julie approached her with needing to celebrate the day of the dead. Lizette spent weeks getting the supplies, helping build an alter and paper flowers. Lizette assisted julie in celebrating each day during the week. This included making sure offerings where made, julies make up was done, and prayers where offered. Lizette did an amazing job of helping Julie stay in touch with her cultural and family traditions.

Cesar Villarreal

March 2021

Cesar is an amazing Direct Support Professional who always makes sure the needs of the person he supports are being met. Distance learning can be difficult for any student, and for the person Cesar supports, this is no exception. There were a lot of obstacles to overcome, but Cesar did not shy away from these roadblocks. Working with the teacher, Cesar developed strategies to increase participation and contact time. Cesar ALWAYS voiced his commitment to the person supported’s education and wellbeing no matter what the obstacle was. Cesar ALWAYS engaged with smiles and looked for chances to make him giggle. He took every setback in stride, and helped him celebrate every success. The person he supports is speaking more, singing more, and interacts more with staff across every shift and largely as a result of Cesar’s fantastic work with him in this strange time.

Rachael Ramsay

March 2021

Rachael Ramsay runs the front desk at the Southern Oregon office. She is very proactive and is great at anticipating the needs of others. Her talent of knowing what you will need before you think of it is astounding. She spends a lot of time helping people out and always does so with patience and kindness. She has made the Southern Oregon office a safe and welcoming environment and her presence there is so appreciated. Thank you, Rachael!

Amy Ellison

March 2021

Amy Ellison is an incredible Direct Support Professional who holds herself to a higher standard. She personifies all the PCL playbook attributes of tenacity, integrity, humility, levity and abundance mentality. When a team member went out on a personal leave, Amy stepped in and made sure that each person they worked with knew that they would continue to be supported. Amy is an advocate for those she supports and it is no secret to all who know her that she is not one to give up if doing so would compromise what she knew could be done to make a difference. She visualizes possibilities and develops the process towards the person-centered goal. Everything Amy does is person-centered and drawn from a heart of compassion and determination to make a difference.

Ted Dubry

March 2021

Ted Dubry is an amazing Direct Support Professional. Every day without fail, the people he supports can count on Ted’s commitment to fun and humor in every aspect that they are supported. He is also particularly supportive of his team, and is willing to make changes to his life and routine that help improve the quality of life for the guys he supports and also the other staff. Ted, thank you for continuously going above and beyond to provide incredible care to the people supported.

Chantz De Feniks

April 2021

Chantz is a quiet staff. He is calm, mellow, and easy going. Chantz has been working in all of the children’s homes but lately in Southern Oregon. While Chantz is down there he is being recognized for continuously being a strong and stable support. Chantz is known to be consistent when working. He does a great job in supporting and backing the many teams he works with. In Southern Oregon Chantz is setting the incoming DSPs up for success with the support he provides. Chantz has a good understanding of PCL’s policies and procedures and mentors other staff on them. When talking with new staff he is respectful and positive. When meeting new people supported through PCL, Chantz is very quick to learn their likes and dislikes as well as the best ways to support them. Chantz is an awesome DSP and is respected by every team he gets to be a part of. Thank you Chantz!

Matt Horne

April 2021

Matt joined the Edwina team in August. In September, the children who live at this home were evacuated to Eugene, due to the approaching wildfire. Matt left his family in Southern Oregon and traveled to Eugene without thinking twice about what was needed, Matt stayed 5 days in Eugene pulling doubles daily to ensure that the children were properly staffed and able to have fun while there.

Once back home,  Matt kept being a consistent staff and building positive relationships with all the children. Matt has helped 3 of the children be successful in school: including one who has not physically gone to school since early 2020. He really struggled with online school and was not excited to go back to in person school. Matt, being tenacious, continued to provide support and on the first day when he was offered to go back to school, he was more than willing to get up and get dressed for school. When the bus arrived, he practically ran to the bus and had a great first day.  With Matt’s ongoing support, he is excited and gets ready for school easily, every day. This is an amazing improvement in his life and daily school routine. Thank you Matt!

Karen Ray

April 2021

Karen exemplifies Person-Centered Services everyday whether she is working or not. One of the men Karen supports had a really hard time when COVID hit. He wasn’t able to go do the things he was used to and he was only able to spend time with his mom virtually. He didn’t like things near his face so he had a hard time wearing a face covering. With Karen’s persistent work, she was able to help him get to a point where he can now wear face coverings for 45 minutes at a time, allowing him to be able to do some of the things he was missing out on! What this means, is Cory is able to live the best life he can, in the midst of a global pandemic. Why? Because Karen did say or think can’t. Instead she said let’s figure this out and I am here with you. Supporting people is not a job to Karen. She views it as helping out her neighbor. Something that is our responsibility as humans. She does not say it can’t be done. She says let’s figure this out! Thank you, Karen!

Ryan Marsh

May 2021

Ryan constantly goes above and beyond to make sure the people he supports have an amazing life. Ryan is typically the support overnight but that does not stop him from having an impact in their lives all day long.  At one point the people supported were not able to leave their home, Ryan made sure he was there when other people couldn’t be to make sure the days ran as smoothly as possible. This meant changing his hours completely from his normal shift at times which he did with no complaints, just a “how else can I help” kind of attitude. Long days can get boring so at one-point Ryan helped one of the people he supports turn a box from deliveries into a costume that he could run around in and have the best time using. This was huge because this person typically leaves home multiple times daily and while he couldn’t, Ryan helped him do fun things while staying home. These seemingly simple distractions really made a WORLD of difference. Ryan has been an amazing asset to his team and the agency as a whole. He will always say “yes” (within reason) and truly wants to be part of the solution while always looking at the bigger picture. Thank you Ryan!

Sandy Blake

May 2021

Sandy uses every moment as an opportunity to teach, support and challenge people to strive to be better. Sandy has all our playbook attributes and is one heck of a teamplayer. She has the ability to always have fun and have a good attitude towards things in life and her willingness to help people see their full potential in the moment. Sandy uses her sense of humor to make it fun to work with the people she supports and her team. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to helping others reach their full potential. Thank you, Sandy!

Marci Gregory

May 2021

Marci is a trusted and respected Certified Employment Support Professionals on PCL’s Job Launch staff team. She has contributed to Employment First by diligently working to support people through every step of their employment journey. The people she works with become confident and successful completing their job tasks. She always ensures that both employee and employer are satisfied. One of Marci’s most outstanding characteristic is her tenacious nature! Marci NEVER gives up on anyone! She has a smile for everyone she meets and will step up to assist any of her colleagues if they need her help. In Marci’s positive world no one fails and there is always a solution to every employment problem. She is a shining example of PCL’s Mission and Values. Thank you, Marci!

Summer Morrison

June 2021

Summer personifies tenacity–working with self direction and always striving for excellence. She is constantly striving and pushing for the rest of the team for greatness while maintaining kindness and compassion. Summer has the ability to see what needs to be done AND do it. She always has a long list of things that she is working on. She has assisted with the organization of major vacations and several other weekend trips–being the driving force behind a big birthday anniversary extravaganza for a couple supported by PCL. Summer also has the amazing ability to know how far she can go before it is too much for her and she is honest with herself and others when she can give no more. It is essential in this work to know how far you can push yourself and she does a great job of giving all she has but never pushing too far. Thank you, Summer!

Biak Nussbaum

June 2021

Biak works to provide the best supports possible through tenacity and humility. She expects a lot from herself and her team to ensure the best for the children with whom she works. Biak is the type of person that comes to work ready to encourage others, bringing a positive vibe that feels delightful to be around. She communicates with kindness and positivity. Encouraging growth in herself and her peers, she is always ready to reinforce positivity in peer interactions, and has shown a tremendous and heart driven devotion to caring for others. There’s something about Biak’s presence that brings solitude to those she supports, even taking the time checking in with peers regularly, and making sure that those in our home are always fed and content. Her natural ability to be positive and creative in tough times has made her one of our biggest advocates. Helping our children become young adults by being patient and being able to explore different ways of learning and communicating. She takes initiative by never failing to see the best in others and giving her time to be present when needed. She reinforces achievements with cheerfulness and celebrations whenever possible. Thank you, Biak!

Nicole Morgan

June 2021

Nicole is always willing to step up and help in any way she can. She has built great relationships with the people she supports and exemplifies tenacity in her work by always making sure that despite whatever challenges arise, the people she supports can always count on her making sure the things that are important to them are still done. Nicole is always patient and willing to teach ASL to both the people she supports and staff alike, and has helped one of the people she supports enhance her ability to communicate with new ASL vocabulary. Nicole’s dedication to PCL’s mission and to the people that she supports is evident in her tireless commitment to provide stability and consistency in staffing, and always has the needs and interests of the people she supports at the forefront of everything she does. She has shown a remarkable ability to adapt to ever changing situations with grace and a can-do attitude that has earned the respect and admiration of her entire team. Thank you, Nicole!

John McLaughlin

July 2021

John does a great job working with the people he supports. He makes sure to get all the ladies out almost every single day he works. Not only does he go for walks with the ladies, he helps keep one of the women he supports in touch with a friend who often visits to give her a joke. John helps the ladies at Pioneer mainly, but John is flexible as he also goes and supports another man at his house. John was even able to help out and hang out with this person on his birthday helping to make that day super special with his family before opening gifts. John’s calm demeanor and positive attitude helped keep things rolling on his special day. He helps him on his walks as well and keeping him in touch with his friends and family. John often shows abundance mentality, tenacity, and integrity when he comes into contact with anyone and everyone. John is an amazing person and an amazing staff! Thank you, John!

Jeff Maxwell

July 2021

Jeff Maxwell truly goes all out every day for the person they support. The person Jeff supports is a quiet guy who knows what he likes and how he likes to do it. Jeff is always looking for ways to help him find those things he finds joy in for example… picking up trash! This is one of his favorite activities but during COVID times it was harder to make this safe for him. Jeff helped him find more remote places to keep his community clean while keeping him safe, as well as coaching him to use all the right PPE and safely cleaning up at home. He also LOVES to hike, swim, and enjoy the outdoors, Jeff has consistently found places for him to be outside that are fun for him as well as safe. Another cool thing Jeff has recently done is taken the initiative to get a vacation scheduled for him! Last year he was supposed to be going on a week-long trip to the beach or mountain but was forced to cancel it. Jeff decided it was time to try again, he found an Air BNB that backed right up to a creek and was only a few minutes drive from the beach. This place was perfect! Jeff is always looking for ways to make sure he is living his best life. Jeff also does all of this no matter what is going on in his personal life. Jeff is truly a rockstar and we are so thankful to have him as part of a team. He meets and exceeds PCL missions and values!

Tonia Hill

July 2021

Tonia is amazing! Her attention to detail and follow through is impeccable. This is very important in her current role as admin with the CBHS team. Tonia does a great job of helping us follow up to ensure appointments are met and that the STC/BHAC know about them. She assists with tracking on a google doc when appointments are needed and who should attend to help minimize the risk of people being surprised. She also does a great job of supporting the T&C team by attending service team check-ins and taking notes. While this may seem like a basic job duty, her consistent support in providing this allows the rest of those in the meetings to fully engage and not worry about remembering what was said etc. These check-ins often have a lot of discussion in a short amount of time. Tonia being there to fill the essential role of note taker has helped immensely in ensuring our documentation is second to none. Thank you, Tonia!


Serra Farley

July 2021

Serra does an amazing job of providing person-centered supports! Serra attended many oncology appointments with Harold where he told the doctors how he was going to live out his life. Regardless of her feelings, she ensured that Harold’s wishes were heard and honored. When it came time for Hospice to be involved, she was there again advocating with Harold for what he wanted. 

She also assisted to ensure that the days he had were full of the things he loved. Holidays and his birthday were very important to Harold. He had plans and decorations months early. To ensure it was the best birthday yet, Harold and Serra planned an epic mermaid themed birthday party which meant so much to Harold! The day after his party, Serra and Harold went to “The Feathers” for his long awaited vacation. Again this trip was thanks to Serra’s hard work. 

We are so grateful for Serra’s work, so that we can look back on the last 9 days of Harold’s life without any regrets. Her work, her commitment, her strength to the mission made that possible. But that is simply how she lives/works.

Jenni Reynolds-Weiss

August 2021

Jenni is an amazing Direct Support Professional who always makes sure the women she supports live a peaceful life full of laughter. Jenni always reminds others that the home belongs to the people they support. She helps advocate for the women everyday and makes sure that new DSPs are welcomed, engaged, trained and connected with the ladies they support. 

One of the women Jenni supports has a sister who is very important to her. She is on a long vacation and Jenni arranged a video chat with her to show her sister the sights.  She is currently in North Dakota and while she was touring some of the sights Jenni helped the woman she supports go on an adventure with her sister via messenger.  Her sister read the information and told her all about the building and she virtually walked her through it. They were on messenger for hours laughing and taking in the sights.  Jenni helped hold her tablet and helped keep her engaged. 

Jenni helped get the courtyard prepped to bring in raised beds for the women supported so that all the ladies could enjoy beautiful flowers and veggies. This had been planned for 5 years and this was the year to make it happen. Jenni got to see the smiles on the ladies’ faces when she supported them in the new improved courtyard area. Amazing what colorful flowers can do for the soul and the smiles they generate. Thank you, Jenni, for the amazing supports you provide!


Aubrey Olsen

August 2021

Aubrey has consistently made the lives of the children she supports better. She is always positive, uplifting and going out of her way to come up with a creative way to get the kid’s out into their community. She goes above and beyond and makes these outings person-centered and centered around the things they like to do.  It could be going to the park, the lake, on a hike or even to an orchard to pick berries. Aubrey shows up to work and is consistently ready to go on a new adventure. Aubrey is always encouraging the kids to call/video call their family members. She actively takes the kids out into the community and encourages them to build safe, trusting relationships within her community. Thank you, Aubrey!

Ronda Figal

August 2021

Ronda has been with PCL for over fifteen years and most recently in the role of a DSP in Individualized Services for the last two years. She has provided excellent Person-Centered Tapestry supports since March 2020 when the pandemic began. During this time, Tapestry supports were immediately restricted. Ronda demonstrated incredible Tenacity with her flexibility and creativity to continue this support with walks in the person she supports local neighborhood, which was the only thing allowed at the time. On the day of his birthday, she supported him on a daily walk and some of his neighbors talked with them and found out it was his birthday. On their way back, the neighbors wrote in chalk “Happy Birthday” in big letters for him to see. The neighbors then sat more than 10 feet away and had dinner with him for his birthday and played the birthday song on a violin! Because of Ronda’s Tenacity and her understanding of community engagement, she was able to make a wonderful connection in his local neighborhood that left a lasting impact for both him and Ronda. Thank you, Ronda!

Coltin Meier

September 2021

Coltin is an incredible DSP! One of the people Coltin supports has actively been working on skills to help her with independence as she neared 18. One of the activities that she had been looking forward to the most was navigating the city on the bus. It had been put off several times due to staffing concerns.  Coltin encouraged his teammates to make this trip a priority. The pictures he posted of their day spent riding the city bus are awesome. The smile on her face and the way Coltin explained that he was only along for the ride as Autumn took the lead, truly shows who Coltin is as a DSP and how he works to expand horizons and enhance the quality of life. 

Coltin always comes to work with a smile and leaves everything that is upsetting him at the door. He approaches each day as an opportunity for growth and reset from past mistakes. Thank you, Coltin!


Katie Bennett

September 2021

Katie is amazing! She works long hours with a smile and willingness to do more. When returning to a home she had not been at for a while, she specifically asked that there not be a second staff there so that she could reestablish boundaries and expectations with those who live there. She works alongside those she supports on whatever is important to them. That is who she is: a fearless, provider of person-centered services. 

Family is very important to many people and to one of the people supported it is an integral part of her life. She makes plans based on when she calls members of her family and frequently talks about important events and holidays where she will see or has seen them. Covid has been very hard for her. She has missed being with her family for the major holidays of 2020 and had a really difficult time understanding why some people were still seeing and visiting with their families when she was not. 

When the 4th of July came along this year, she began talking about seeing her family and the activities they had done in previous year, however her family had no such plans. Katie went out of her way to ensure that the things she liked most about visiting with her family (minus her family) were recreated. While it wasn’t the same as she wanted, it was awesome and she talked about it until her birthday put it out of her mind. Thank you, Katie!

Seth Woinowsky

September 2021

Seth is a great Direct Support Professional and an amazing role model for the children they support. They are always thinking about new and exciting adventures to take the children on over the weekend. Seth helps them build their relationships within the community, while providing the essential supports to teach the children about healthy boundaries. Seth is consistently making sure their home is a fun and safe place to be. One example of getting the children out to try new things is Seth took one of the kids to Eugene to participate in a PRIDE event and used it as an opportunity to teach them about diversity and loving everyone for who they are. The kid had so much fun learning and getting to explore the area around them as they aren’t from this part of the state. They were even able to meet another kid supported in our area and make a new friend, while out in Eugene. Thank you, Seth!

Breanna Navarro

October 2021

Breanna Nevarro works as an Area Admin for April’s area. She works everyday to keep everyone organized and all the pieces of the puzzle together. She has great attention to detail that comes in handy with everything she does. She responds quickly and always picks up on the littlest details. She’s a hard worker and it definitely shows in everything she does. Thank you, Breanna!

Morgan Clithero

October 2021

Morgan Clithero has been A LOT of help this last month. When it came to the children going back to school, Morgan took care of registering the kids and getting them on the bus schedule. One of the girls has really enjoyed the school hiatus of the last 18 months. When they started in person last year, it was hard for her and she never made it all the way inside. This year rather than going to “school” they went to the “learning center.” She will happily go to the Learning Center without any argument. Morgan also worked with her on the importance of wearing a face covering when she goes out and about. She doesn’t like it, but Morgan worked with her so that she understood that to do some things she needed to keep her cool Sonic mask on. She was very excited to tell her parents about going bowling and wearing her mask the whole time. Thank you, Morgan!

Jo Tennyson

October 2021

Johanna Tennyson is calm, cool, confident, collected, positive and dedicated. Jo is newer to the area relief team but she has fit in since day one. She is super organized. She will make sure all medications and orders are correct and make sure to notify anyone she needs to if she can’t fix something right away. She is very confident no matter where she is hanging out that day, she knows how dire we all need help so she never complains about her location. She only asks how she can help make it better there and what the people she is with want to do with their day. She is a true team player who knows we can reach that same end goal if we work together. Jo is truly an angel sent to the area relief team and PCL in general. Thank you, Jo!

Heather Carey

October 2021

Heather Carey’s mornings are always hectic as she supports someone with his courier job at PCL… but the mornings during the pandemic have become even more hectic! It took a certain job coach to help keep everything manageable for the person she supports. Heather has been his job coach for years and she has built a positive, trusting relationship with him and is able to assist him with communication, transportation, and organization of the LOADS of items being delivered. He’s had to work more hours, deliver more items, and utilize more safety measures than ever before through these challenging times. Heather has carefully coached him to adapt to the changes needed and he’s even adjusted to wearing his face mask every day for his entire work shift! Thank you, Heather!

Cecilia Cervantes

November 2021

Cecilia is an amazing team member. She steps up to help out the Munkers team in many fashions when needed and goes above and beyond without being asked.

Cecilia helps foster family connections with family members. She is consistent with getting our children supported out into the community to make community connections.

Even during recent behavior challenges that a child we provided supports for, Cecilia was able to help get her into the community for walks and even went berry picking for pies and smoothies.

Another child we support wanted to have her hair dyed blue with a red five in the back of her head to match “Turbo”. Cecelia helped make this happen with the approval from the child’s mom, she helped purchase the needed items and helped with the hair dying. She looks awesome!

For our youngest child supported at Munkers, Cecilia made a list of the little libraries in the area that were near parks, so she could not only play, but also go on an adventure to find a book and read!

We appreciate all that Cecilia does for the children supported, her teammates and the service team coordinator! Thank you, Cecilia!

Larry Hillyer

November 2021

Larry is a quiet guy that does his job extremely well.  On top of keeping the people he supports healthy and safe, Larry is great at communicating with them, knowing what they are saying and being able to teach the other DSPs to be able to understand them and communicate successfully. He is always thinking person-centered involvement in the community and making sure that the people he supports needs are being met. Larry has such a quiet demeanor that always puts them and fellow DSPs at ease and helps them to feel safe.  The people he supports always seem to be smiling and interacting with Larry.  Larry works very hard at being person-centered, keeping everyone safe and makes it look so easy. Thank you, Larry!

Karin Bastuscheck

November 2021

Karin Bastuscheck has an amazing attitude, leads with vulnerability, and takes initiative making plans where everyone is not only involved but plays a vital role in all they are doing. She exemplifies tenacity and levity. Karin believes person-centered services are the entirety of a person. Environment matters for growth, health, and happiness just as much as connection to family and friends. She is the connector of support and resources, fostering and encouraging family to grow and learn together. Thank you, Karin!

Kayren Turner

November 2021

Kayren has been a continual support for the women she works with over the years. She goes above and beyond the role of a DSP.  For one example she recognized the fact that one of the people she supports had not been able to do a big tapestry event while she was on a personal vacation with her family and invited her to go to the Aquarium with them. Not only did they have an amazing time at the aquarium they went for ice cream afterwards. When she got home she was so excited that she was able to spend this time with Kayren and her family. Kayren is a team member that makes sure DSP’s are trained to meet the ladies needs and supports.  She keeps things fun and jokes with the ladies. Kayren is full of tenacity and levity which makes the home she works at a blast! Thank you, Kayren!

Jessica Pressley

December 2021

Jessica is such a special person. Jessica is one of those rock solid staff that show up on time, never calls out, will pick up extra shifts if people need her help and will almost always change her pre scheduled hours to less desirable hours like AONS to help the STCs, most of the time with barely any notice. Jessica is so calm, cool and collected that she can work anywhere with anyone at any time. She has such a calming personality, people are just happy while she is there. When Jessica shows up you know things will be taken care of and people are going to have a fun evening. She is the definition of levity. She plays hard but knows when you buckle down and get stuff done. When things get rough we have Jessica and she always helps us make it through. Thank you, Jessica!

Jesse Pratt

December 2021

Jesse has been an absolute rock star this past year. He assisted the person he supports through both of his Covid Vaccine’s and the Booster for him. His team truly is a village and relies heavily on communication with direct support professionals who work directly with him. Not only was getting a vaccine or any appointment overwhelming for him, but with these it was all drive through style clinic while getting a shot in the vehicle. Jesse communicated perfectly to make these drive through appointments a breeze for him. He exemplified Abundance Mentality and Tenacity perfectly in the times of Covid. Thank you for your continued support and stability you have helped give the person supported, Jesse!

Bobbie Kolada

December 2021

Bobbie has done exceptional things while working at the people she supports home. She has made sure that birthdays are celebrated “on the day” and has shown her dedication to making them feel special on their Birthdays, even coming in on her days off to make this possible. Bobbie is an advocate for others and has always taken one of the people supported to his appointments because he gets a bit nervous and Bobbie’s warm countenance brings him comfort at the doctor’s or dentist office. 

It’s not just the big things that Bobbie does that makes her so special, it is the little things, the consistent things, and the everyday things. Bobbie never has been unprepared or late for her shift and that shows she cares about the time of others and is invested in knowing how the people she supports have been since she was there last. She is generous of her time when she hears a teammate has a schedule conflict or has just worked too many hours and needs a break. She sets a positive trend for her team by lending flexibility in her own schedule because it’s her desire to assist and serve others. Thank you, Bobbie!

Logan Davids

December 2021

Logan constantly goes above and beyond to make sure the person he supports has an amazing life and continues to be the best daddy possible to his son. Logan is always looking for ways he can help him make his life easier. He does this by researching everything and anything. For example, Logan will come up with new ways to organize effectively with a toddler or learn tips and tricks for potty training, reading and writing training and pass them along to the person he supports. Logan is also always looking up free activities that they can enjoy together. Logan has been helping the person he supports get excited about gardening and growing his own food. This is something he has always wanted to do but didn’t have anyone that really knew what they were doing to help him. Both of his parents have passed away but he has a strong connection with them at the beach, specifically Lincoln City. Logan makes sure to encourage him to take time to go talk with his parents on the beach and just tell them everything about his life and his son. This has really helped him cope with being a father but not being able to actually share that with his parents which is really hard for him. 

Logan has been an amazing asset to his team and the area/agency as a whole. He will always say yes (within reason) and truly wants to be part of the solution while always looking to the bigger picture. Logan always has a great attitude and remains positive. He is the man that flexes himself around with a smile on his face and makes things happen.

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The safety, health and well-being of the people we support, our staff and community is our highest priority. Please visit PCL's IN THE KNOW and DONATE pages for up to date coronavirus information and support needs.

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