Hello All Team Members!

As PCL has been receiving donations of cloth face coverings, we are in the position to begin to hand them out to team members who request them.  We will be prioritizing positions that require interfacing with the public such as, our supply and grocery shoppers, Area Relief (as they provide services in multiple homes), and other team members based on position and the amount of engagement with other people.

Service Team Coordinators may also request face coverings for the people we serve if that person is requesting one.

We are finalizing our supplies to be ready to go out and expect to start deliveries no later than Thursday.  Please be patient as we get this up and running.

You can complete this form if you would like a face-covering – Homemade Face Covering Request.  This will also be available via our website on the Staff Links page. It is important to note these masks are homemade and are not medical grade.  Please follow the safety instructions shared here.  

Homemade Face Covering Request

Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you for your ongoing support to the people we serve.

Expand the horizons and enhance the quality of life of those we support.

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PCL COVID-19 Support & Information

The safety, health and well-being of the people we support, our staff and community is our highest priority. Please visit PCL's IN THE KNOW and DONATE pages for up to date coronavirus information and support needs.

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