Expand the horizons and enhance the quality of life of those we support.

Guiding Our Mission to “Expand the Horizons and Enhance the Quality of Life of Those We Support”, These Are Our Values:

• Flexibility, diversity, and dignity

• Ongoing education and support to families, team members, and communities

• Safe, secure, and quality environments in which to live, work, and play

• Continuous creative supports as directed and defined by those we serve

• People with disabilities being integral member of their community

• Physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being

• Opportunities and choices for each person to become responsibly and
effectively interdependent within society

• Mutual respect, ethical treatment, and understanding

When you give, 100% goes to people

Your  donations help people live great lives

We are a strong community partner

We support local business and local businesses support us


Find jobs, make friends, have fun, enjoy life and have a great home of their choice.


My Home, My Life

Communities thrive when all members have a safe and comfortable home of their choice. PCL’s My HomeMy Life fund directly benefits people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, empowering them to live in their own homes in the way they desire. Sometimes this means living alone, sometimes they share their house with people of their choosing. My HomeMy Life was developed to help fund people’s ability to realize their desires and dreams to live the life they choose and one that makes the most sense for their individual needs. PCL needs YOUR help to make this basic quality of life a reality, because how people live matters.

Below are two stories of people who have benefited from gifts to the My Home, My Life fund.

Scott from Grants Pass


Scott has received services from PCL since 2009. Scott is a hard worker who loves rock and roll music and being involved with his church. In 2012 Scott moved toward a more independent lifestyle with just a support companion, then in 2014 he began to live on his own with the help of the My Home, My Life scholarship. Just this year, he got married to his long time girlfriend Kandie! Now, Scott and Kandie talk to groups of couples who are wanting to get married.

Reena from Grants Pass


In 2016 Reena moved out into her own apartment in Grants Pass with the help of the My Home, My Life scholarship. Reena is originally from Hawaii and loves learning about Hawaiian food and culture. She really enjoys getting out and spends a lot of time with her friends, going to movies, watching softball games and going to concerts in the park. She hopes to one day fulfill her longtime wish of becoming a dog owner.


Expand the horizons and enhance the quality of life of those we support.

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PCL COVID-19 Support & Information

The safety, health and well-being of the people we support, our staff and community is our highest priority. Please visit PCL's IN THE KNOW and DONATE pages for up to date coronavirus information and support needs.

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